Welcome to our Pigeon loft. We carry several different
varieties of Pigeons, some of them are shown below.
We have Ceremonial Racing Homing Pigeons, Racing
Homing Pigeons and American Giant Homing Pigeons.
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We maintain several Pigeon lofts here at
Wagner Farm. Below are some of the
sizes that we have.
Race Results
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4 @ 8 X 16
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Caged Birds
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varities we carry
Small Animals
We currently have 300 breeders. The Giant Homer Pigeon is a show or
squabing bird. We raise them as a show birds. Time only allows us to
attend 5 to 6 shows a year. We have been raising them for over 20 years
and raise most colors. Giant Homers are a large bird weighing from 30 to
40 oz.
Prices start at $50 a
Ceremonial Racing Homing Pigeons
We have 150 pure white racing homing pigeons. These pigeons are used
as breeders. We stock and rent the birds for special events.

These birds can be released at weddings, funerals, special events and

We donated 30 of these beautiful birds to be released at the begining of
the race for the cure (breast cancer). Which was held at Little Rock
Arkansas last Fall. It was quite an emotional event as the participants
watched the release in honor of a loved one or friend. We also donated 32
of them to the Watch God Move Youth Exhibition in Pine Bluff,
Arkansas. This event was in rememberance of 32 children who were
killed in violence in 1998. Again the spectators were brought to tears as
the birds circled over the crowd. We will be donating the pigoens for this
years event as well.
Pricing for these birds is $20 each  plus shipping. We can ship
express mail or via the airlines.

Please contact us for rental rates for special events.
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American Giant Homer Pigeons Master Breeder
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