Goats, Goats and more Goats
We operated a commercial goat dairy under the herd name Bar-Jon Dairy Goats
for 5 years in Marshall, Arkansas. At that time we milked around 100 dairy goats
consisting of five different breeds. Since we have moved back to Pine Bluff, we
continue the herd on a smaller scale for our own pleasure. We also sell their milk
in our pet store. The milk is excellent for raising many different types of baby
animals including orphaned rabbits, racoons, squirrels, cats, dogs and many others.
Having the Alpines also compliments nicely our selling pygmy goat kids in our
retail pet store. The kids need to be fed goat's milk for at least 3 months. Because
we always have fresh goat milk for sale, we help to ensure that the kids we sell will
be getting the proper diet in their new homes.
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Pearl Valley Golden Anthem
Mamm-Key Rat's MacGyver
Bluff-Top Nighthawk SS Dover
Bar-Jon Ruffian's Frodo
Hull's Abraham's Lazarus
Bar-Jon Lightning

Mamm-Key Banjo's Arwen
Patsys*Pride Eden
Sarah B's Travlin' Light
Bar-Jon Hobbit
Bar-Jon Eowyn
Bluff-Top Daisy Mae
Patsys*Pride Evie
Pearl Valley SDH True Love
Pearl Valley SEQ Sandra Dee
Mamm-Key Gadget's Gidget
Pearl Valley Sequence Nairobi
Pearl Valley Anakin Finesse
Bar-Jon DK Blackberry
Hull's Cingular Lonestar
Hull's Shazaam Secret Squirrel
Bar-Jon Ruffian's Libby
Bar-Jon Hershey's Aruba
Bar-Jon Hershey's Almond Joy
Bar-Jon MacGyver's Trixie  
Bar-Jon MacGyver's Dixie
Bar-Jon Hershey Kisses
Bar-Jon Honey Bun
Bar-Jon Onyx
Bar-Jon Clair
Bar-Jon Abba
Bar-Jon Abella
Bar-Jon Cleo
Bar-Jon Emily
Bar-Jon Blueberry
Bar-Jon Raspberry
Bar-Jon Summer
Bar-Jon Fanasee
Mamm-Key Banjo's Arwen
dam - Pic
sire - Pic
mother's full sister - Pic
dam's dam- Pic
sire's sir- Pic

Patsys*Pride Josephine

Bar-Jon Hershey Ella-Font
Bar-Jon Dover's Jocell
Gravel-Ends Elegant Tiara

Sandstone-Acres Ebony  Prince
We also own AKC registered Great Pyrenese dogs. These dogs
are excellent for guarding livestock and are very gentle-natured
pets. Occasionally, we will have puppies available. Please call
or e-mail us for price and availability
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